Why OEMs Need Custom Engineered Hoses For Ventilating Equipment

If you’re a medical device manufacturer or original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you know just how competitive the global market can be. That means that it’s critical to earn a competitive advantage over other businesses in the landscape, and one way to do that is by focusing on improving the quality of every component of your product.

To boost the reliability and capability of your ventilating equipment

Sounds obvious, right? While this may sound like a no-brainer, many manufacturers find themselves trapped in the pitfall of cutting corners and looking for cheap or temporary fixes to their problems. With so much time and innovation invested in devices themselves, components like medical hoses are often overlooked. To boost the reliability and capability of your product, it’s imperative that each component of your product meets the same level of quality standards. To achieve this, the simplest and most effective solution is to rely on custom engineering and design for your ventilator hoses.

The Benefits of Custom Medical & Ventilator Hoses

When it comes to medical hoses, it’s important to partner with a company like Hi-Tech Medical. We can walk you through every step of the process to create the perfect custom hose solution for your ventilating equipment or other application. By going custom, you ensure that your medical hose solution is specifically designed for your application. This provides a wide range of benefits for your medical device, including:

Additionally, creating a custom medical hose solution means that you don’t have to compromise on the details of your ventilating equipment or medical device. When you work with Hi-Tech Medical, you’ll be able to collaborate with an experienced team to develop a product that meets all your specifications and quality standards.

Why Choose Hi-Tech Medical For Your Medical Equipment?

Over the past 15 years, Hi-Tech Medical has developed a wide variety of manufacturing methods and technologies that separate us from the competition. With over 75 years of combined medical engineering experience, we provide OEMs with truly customized medical hose solutions that deliver beyond expectations.

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Our Proprietary Technology

The backbone of our advantage is found in our proprietary technologies and methods, like our ability to embed heated copper wires directly in the helix of our medical hoses. Through this method, we’ve equipped many end-user and ventilating equipment manufacturers with the capabilities they need to transport heat, control temperatures, and transmit electrical signals directly through the wall of the hose. Traditional stock products simply can’t compete with these capabilities. Another proprietary method is our option to compress hoses used for patient masks. This has created a patient interface hose that has the flexibility to withstand movement during sleep without sacrificing comfort.

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Our Focus on Quality

Since our engineering and production teams work in the same facility in Abbeville, South Carolina, they can ensure quality is our main priority. No step in the manufacturing process is outsourced, and this guarantees that everything is supervised by our quality control specialists.
Our experience has set us apart as the leading medical hose manufacturer in the world, and our constant progress and collaboration in research and development are propelling us towards new levels of innovation and design within the healthcare industry to provide patients with the highest level of care possible.

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