Flex-Lite CPAP Hose

The Flex-Lite is an ultra-light 15mm diameter standard CPAP hose with an exceptional flex life. It fits all CPAP machines and masks with 22mm connectors. The smooth bore delivers maximum airflow and the corrugated exterior provides kink resistance.

Wall/Helix Materials:


Temperature Range:

-30–160°F / -34–71°C

Min-Max Hose Diameter:


Length Range:


Sterilization Methods:



  • Standard hose is 15mm ID with 22mm cuffs, 1.8m lengths
  • Ultra-light, small diameter, with excellent flex life
  • Smooth bore provides maximum airflow, corrugated 
exterior provides abrasion and kink resistance
  • Fits all CPAP masks and machines with 22mm connectors
  • Only intended for CPAP machines configured with 15mm 
  • Custom designs available


CPAP machines & masks

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