777 Medical Hose

Wall/Helix Materials


Temp. Range


Min–Max Hose Diameter


Length Range


Sterilization Methods

ETO, Radiation


  • Strong, lightweight, and versatile hose for a variety of applications
  • Excellent clarity
  • Odorless
  • Smooth bore for maximum airflow and reduced sound level, a clear choice for disposable medical applications
  • Custom designs available


CPAP, Ventilation Tube, Laser Smoke Evac., Anesthesia, Therapeutic Equipment, Dental Equipment, Surgery/Respiratory Care, Bioengineering Equipment, Veterinary/Surgery and Respiratory Care, Emergency Vehicle Equipment, Conduit

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Embedded Wire Hose

Diameters: 10–22mm

Standard Lengths: 72"

Other Products

Other Products Hose

Patient-Interface Hose

Diameters: 10–22mm

Standard Length: 101–381mm


Diameters: 10mm to 51mm

Standard Lengths: 4" to 120"


Diameters: 10mm to 51mm

Standard Lengths: 4" to 120"


Diameters: 10mm to 51mm

Standard Lengths: 4" to 120"


Diameters: 15mm to 22mm

Standard Lengths: 72"


Diameters: 19mm to 22mm

Standard Lengths: 72"

Ready to start a custom project?

If you’re facing a complex challenge, our team wants to hear about it. We pride ourselves in designing custom medical hoses to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a custom solution for a ventilation tube, CPAP hose, or other application, contact Hi-Tech Medical today to get started.

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