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Heated Wire Hose

Heated Wire Hose Assembly


Hi-Tech Medical has a fully customizable Heated Wire Hose Assembly that expands the capabilities of an end device such as a Ventilator, CPAP, or Humidifier. This combination of Heated Wire Hose, Molded Cuff, and Pigtail can prevent rainfall, transmit data, and regulate temperature control when paired with a device’s computer. Our engineering team can integrate […]

New production facility

New Medical Hose Manufacturing Facility in Changshu, China


Medical original equipment manufacturers around the world trust Hi-Tech Medical hoses for their CPAP machines, ventilating equipment, and medical devices. To better serve our global customers we launched a new production facility in Changshu, China. This addition has created an increase in our capacity along with expanding opportunities to deliver the world’s most advanced medical […]

custom engineer hose

Why OEMs Need Custom Engineered Hoses For Ventilating Equipment


If you’re a medical device manufacturer or original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you know just how competitive the global market can be. That means that it’s critical to earn a competitive advantage over other businesses in the landscape, and one way to do that is by focusing on improving the quality of every component of your […]

ventilator hose types

Comparison: Ventilator Hoses


At Hi-Tech Medical, we develop helix-reinforced, smooth-interior medical hoses for the world’s leading OEMs. One of our most successful applications has been in creating custom ventilator hoses to fit into a circuit assembly. We offer three hoses for ventilator applications, which include our 777, 888, and 999 medical hoses. Their difference starts with the material, […]

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