Comparison: PAPR Hoses

Deciding on the perfect PAPR hose can be a difficult decision, which is why we created a side by side comparison of our top two hoses to serve this market.

PAPR Hose Applications

PAPR hoses can come in handy in a variety of use cases. They’re applicable in the medical field, where they’re often used by emergency responders and in hospitals as respiratory tubing. They’re also used in some industrial fields, including welding, sandblasting, and the handling of hazardous materials.  

PAPR hoses are available in a variety of materials: PVC, TPU, and TPE. They’re also available with three cuff options: injected molding, screw-on, and swivel. These flexible, durable materials and cuff options are each ideal in different use cases—and Hi-Tech Medical specializes in custom design. You can rely on us for your medical device manufacturing, as we have the expertise to craft the perfect solution for your respiratory tubing needs. 

If you’re looking for a PAPR hose, consider two of our most popular offerings: The Super Vac-U-Flex and standard Vac-U-Flex designs. What’s the difference? Read on! 

Super Vac-U Flex Respiratory Tubing

Our Super Vac-U-Flex PAPR hoses offer unique applications in both the medical and industrial spaces. The Suber Vac-U-Flex hose is comprised of a coated steel helix with a single ply cover. It’s outfitted with polyester-reinforced yarns for additional strength, and offers excellent helix-to-cover adhesion.  

The Super Vac-U-Flex hose design results in a smooth interior that provides superior air flow when compared to other respiratory tubing products. Hi-Tech Medical is adept custom design, too, and the Super Vac-U-Flex can be sized to fit your needs. 

Vac-U-Flex Respiratory Tubing

The standard Vac-U-Flex is another popular option, offering unique features for the medical industry and beyond. It’s offered with both plastic and steel helix options and is lightweight and easy to transport. It can be compressed, providing it with stretchiness and flexibility unseen in most PAPR hoses.  

The Vac-U-Flex is expandable and can fit a variety of apertures. Like the Super Vac-U-Flex, the standard Vac-U-Flex has a smooth interior that provides users with optimal air flow. The compressed option is popular among our customers due to its extreme flexibility! 

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